1. Tips For Buying A House In Florida

    Central Florida is the place where dreams are made. It’s home to the magic of Disney, the wonder of Sea World, and the adventure of Universal Studios. But it’s also home to so much more. The Sunshine State, specifically the area surrounding Orlando and Lake Mary, offers a slice of paradise in a …Read More

  2. Looking For Paradise? Here’s Five Reasons To Move To Lake Mary

    Everyone dreams of living in paradise. While for some it may seem like a far-fetched dream that will never come true, it is actually an entirely plausible possibility — that is, if you’re willing to relocate to heavenly Lake Mary, Florida. All signs are pointing to Lake Mary as Florida’s next …Read More

  3. Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

    How familiar are you with the home-buying process, exactly? If you’re a first-time homebuyer, then chances are this experience is brand new to you — and it’s possibly even overwhelming. But even if you’ve purchased a home (or two) in the past, every go-round with the real estate shuffle is d…Read More

  4. 2017 Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season for all of you.

    https://youtu.be/nmeYacZBVgA This year of 2017 is coming to an end and we have so many things to be proud off for the year just about to pass.  As we are about to enter 2018 we wish everyone lots of health, happiness and a very prosperous New Year. May all your wishes come true.…Read More

  5. Exploring Lake Mary

    Are you looking for a safe, clean, friendly and respectable community where you can comfortably work, live, and play? Then come and explore Lake Mary, located in beautiful, sunny Florida! According to Money Magazine, Lake Mary is continuously ranked as the number one best place to live in Florida, a…Read More

  6. Lake Mary – Where Dreams Happen!

    Gitta Sells, a top-rated Lake Mary Real Estate Team with Keller Williams Heritage Realty is ready, willing and more than able to guide you through the housing market while also familiarizing you with the wondrous community that is Lake Mary. Our team of experts will work ‘round the clock to ensure…Read More